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Strategy, innovation, sustainability and business growth - advisory and consulting projects. working with Boards, SMEs and senior teams to build performance and innovate.

Innovation strategy

Working with boards, start-ups and innovation companies, we help build connected corporate innovation growth and exploitation strategy. Building capability around core innovation technologies applications and novel materials.

We listen to you; find out what you want to achieve; and help shape product, innovation landscape and development strategies; frequently blending these with market and financial strategy; to build a compelling competitive framework for growth.

Board advisory

Board Advisory on strategy, technology and innovation.

Governance, risk, due diligence investigation and planning. Strategy, finance and governance to $4Bn.

Board level communications and engagement; plus board cohesion and board and executive coaching.

Working in the UK and with international teams. We  problem solve at a rapid rate and integrate rapidly to build new layers of performance.

Product and brand

Full service product and brand development. Including scoping size of potential opporunities; risk, preparing for

VC investment and framing technology value. We know how to work out what works, where and why.

Technologies include: wireless, hard physical sciences, IoT, photography, print technologies, robotics and new product/materials development. 

Start up development

We love start-ups! If you have a technology and want to build a business around it; then we can help!

Full end to end business and strategy advisory; including working through development challenges, advising on strategic stretch, capitalisation, investment; overcoming product development challenge; and coaching through the business growth process.  Interim senior team; and NED availability.

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